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During April, enjoy Stamptacular savings on a wide variety of My Acrylix® stamps and stamp + Thin Cuts bundles. We’ve even brought back five of our most popular stamp sets just for this sale! These exclusive stamp sets and discounted prices will only be available this month, so order yours today!

Basketball (M1212)



Football (M1213)



Soccer (M1214)



Volleyball (M1215)



Baseball (M1216)



Hockey (M1217)



Lacrosse (M1218)



Swim (M1220)



Gymnastics (M1221)



Equestrian (M1222)



Golf (M1223)



Cheer (M1224)



Wrestling (M1225)



Tennis (M1226)



Floral Monogram—& (M1227)
Floral Monogram—A (M1228)
Floral Monogram—B (M1229)
Floral Monogram—C (M1230)
Floral Monogram—D (M1231)
Floral Monogram—E (M1232)
Floral Monogram—F (M1233)
Floral Monogram—G (M1234)
Floral Monogram—H (M1235)
Floral Monogram—I (M1236)
Floral Monogram—J (M1237)
Floral Monogram—K (M1238)
Floral Monogram—L (M1239)
Floral Monogram—M (M1240)
Floral Monogram—N (M1241)
Floral Monogram—O (M1242)
Floral Monogram—P (M1243)
Floral Monogram—Q (M1244)
Floral Monogram—R (M1245)
Floral Monogram—S (M1246)
Floral Monogram—T (M1247)
Floral Monogram—U (M1248)
Floral Monogram—V (M1249)
Floral Monogram—W (M1250)
Floral Monogram—X (M1251)
Floral Monogram—Y (M1252)
Floral Monogram—Z (M1253)
Country Bird (M1263)

Country Bird


Country Horse (M1265)
Country Pig (M1266)

Country Pig


Country Rooster (M1267)
After the Rain (M1268)
You Are Loved (M1269)
Thank You Kindly (M1276)
Swirly Happy Birthday (M1277)
In Your Time of Need (M1278)
With Deepest Sympathy (M1279)
Merry Christmas Trimmings (M1280)
Stacked Noel (M1281)

Stacked Noel


Confetti Cheers (M1282)
Flourished Joy (M1283)
Scandinavian Pumpkin (M1284)
Made with Love Seal (M1285)
Sending Love Postage (M1286)
Bloom and Grow (M1291)
Angel Policy Stamp Set (A1086)
Paper Pal Pets (A1227)
Autism Awareness (A1231)
Sport Jersey Numbers (A1232)
Jack-O-Lantern Faces (A1237)
Happy Halloween Web (A1238)
Teeny Tiny Type (A1243)
A Little Sentiment (A1244)
Full of Beauty (A1245)
Happy Easter Bunny (A1246)
Birthday Hugs & Kisses (A1247)
Party Time (A1248)

Party Time


Be Kind (A1249)

Be Kind


One Friend (A1250)

One Friend


Fabulous Flamingo (A1251)
From the Wildflowers (A1252)
Cutest Baby (A1253)

Cutest Baby


New Grandbaby (A1254)
Born in Our Hearts (A1255)
Dragonfly Wings (A1256)
Thank You Laurel (A1270)
Just a Note (A1272)

Just a Note


Spring Rabbit (A1273)
Besties—Zoey (A1274)
Besties—Olivia (A1275)
Besties—Lucy (A1276)
Besties—Kelsie (A1277)
Modern Typewriter Alphabet (B1638)
Princess Castle (B1670)
Hello Ladybug (B1703)
Baby Bump (B1706)

Baby Bump


Tender Thoughts (B1707)
Winged Wishes (B1711)
This Right Here (B1712)
Always Loved (B1713)

Always Loved


A Wonderful Place (B1715)
Teddy Bear Hugs (B1718)
Words of Cheer (B1720)
By the Fireplace (B1721)
Autumn Scene (B1722)

Autumn Scene


Winter Scene (B1723)

Winter Scene


Summer Scene (B1724)

Summer Scene


Spring Scene (B1725)

Spring Scene


Shine Bright Menorah (B1727)
Sending Well Wishes (B1728)
Beachside Season's Greetings (B1731)
Reason for the Season (B1732)
Sunny Days Ahead (B1734)
My Life (B1737)

My Life


What I Love (B1738)

What I Love


Easter Blessings (B1739)
Eggs in a Nest (B1740)
Simply Said (C1725)

Simply Said


Details I Love (C1758)
Paper Pal Girl (C1776)
Paper Pal Boy (C1777)
Paper Pal Base (C1778)
Whimsy Alphabet (C1811)
Spreading Sunshine (C1817)
Celebrate Today—Cardmaking (C1819)
I Chews You (C1824)

I Chews You


Seas the Day —Cardmaking (C1827)
Yesterday & Today—Cardmaking (C1828)
Mighty Oak (C1829)

Mighty Oak


Fly-by Greetings (C1830)
Dreams Take Flight (C1831)
Fairy Tale Magic (C1832)
Unicorn Dreams (C1833)
Easter Window (C1834)
Sentiments & Stitches (C1835)
For the Graduate (C1836)
Birthday Banners (C1837)
Queen Bee (C1838)

Queen Bee


Make a Splash (C1839)
Aurora—Cardmaking (C1840)
Here & There (C1841)

Here & There


Stitched Together—Cardmaking (C1842)
Snuggle Up (C1843)

Snuggle Up


Sweet Hummingbird (C1844)
Mason Jar Bouquet (C1845)
Original Work (C1846)
Celebrating You (C1847)
Shine Bright (C1850)

Shine Bright


A Koala-ty Day (C1851)
Strike Up Some Fun (C1852)
Born to Bloom (C1853)
Welcome Sweet One (C1854)
Gnome Matter (C1855)

Gnome Matter


Little Buddies (C1856)
Summer Vibes—Cardmaking (C1857)
Timber—Cardmaking (C1858)
Stitched Florals (C1861)
Pennant Banner Alphabet (C1862)
Farmhouse Alphabet (C1863)
Comfort & Joy—Cardmaking (C1864)
Musical Harmony (C1865)
With a Thankful Heart (C1866)
Best Wishes All Around (C1867)
Floral Details & Background (C1868)
Flourishing Details & Background (C1869)
In My Prayers (C1870)
Birthday Borders (C1872)
Bloom with Grace—Cardmaking (C1873)
Bootiful Characters (C1874)
Jolly Characters (C1875)
Jingle Joy—Cardmaking (C1877)
Serenity—Cardmaking (C1878)
The Jubilee Crew (C1879)
Winter Friends (C1880)
Whole Latte Love (C1881)
Heart Full of Love (C1882)
Sweet Safari—Cardmaking (C1883)
Happiness Lives Here—Cardmaking (C1884)
Cheers My Dears (C1886)
Daisy Meadows—Cardmaking (C1887)
Cherry Blossoms (C1889)
Colorful Texture (D1784)
Let Me Show You How (D1785)
Quotable Words (D1786)
Story FYI (D1841)

Story FYI


Paper Pal Princess (D1845)
Paper Pal Sports (D1846)
Rainbow Bridge (D1862)
Sentiments by Melissa Esplin (D1866)
Today by Melissa Esplin (D1867)
Joy by Melissa Esplin (D1868)
Rise Strong (D1870)

Rise Strong


You're Going to Love This (D1871)
Inline Alphabet (D1894)
Spruced Up—Scrapbooking (D1902E)
Celebrate Today—Scrapbooking (D1903)
Love Your Story (D1904)
New Beginnings (D1909)
Air Mail by Aimee Ferre (D1910)
Seas the Day—Scrapbooking (D1913)
Yesterday & Today—Scrapbooking (D1914)
Let the Good Times Roll (D1915)
Let the Good Times Roll (D1915E)
Blossoming Friendship (D1916)
Around the Clock (D1917)
Wild and Free (D1918)
With Heartfelt Sympathy (D1919)
When Skies Are Grey (D1921)
Aurora—Scrapbooking (D1922)
Stitched Together—Scrapbooking (D1923)
From the Deep Blue (D1924)
A Million Little Things (D1925)
Simple Florals (D1926)
Palm Paradise (D1927)
Paper Pal Beach Day (D1929)
Delicate Mandala Shapes (D1930)
Wishing You Everything (D1931)
Joyful Sunflower (D1932)
Treasured Memories (D1933)
Magical Alphabet (D1937)
Love Lives Here (D1938)
Summer Vibes—Scrapbooking (D1940)
Timber—Scrapbooking (D1941)
Textured Leaves (D1944)
Woodland Friends (D1945)
Home Sweet Home (D1946)
From the Funny Farm (D1947)
Let's Paw-ty (D1952)

Let's Paw-ty


Cattitude (D1953)



Cattitude (D1953E)



So Happy Together (D1954)
Florals & Flutters (D1955)
Lovely Borders (D1956)
Nursery Days (D1957)

Nursery Days


Comfort & Joy—Scrapbooking (D1958)
Trust in the Lord (D1959)
On Your Birthday (D1960)
A Wild Bunch (D1961)

A Wild Bunch


Spooky Gnomes (D1962)
Bloom with Grace—Scrapbooking (D1963)
Garden Gnomes (D1964)
Simple Serif Lowercase (D1965)
Simple Serif Uppercase (D1966)
You're My Jam (D1969)
Oh, Hay There (D1970)
Stacy's Hand (D1971)

Stacy's Hand


In the Details (D1972)
Once Upon a Time (D1973)
Par-tay (D1974)



Paw Prints on Your Heart (D1975)
Seasonal Borders (D1976)
Jingle Joy—Scrapbooking (D1978)
Serenity—Scrapbooking (D1979)
Merry Borders (D1980)
Elegant Snowflakes (D1981)
Gnome for Christmas (D1982)
Little Miss Message (D1984)
Happiness Lives Here—Scrapbooking (D1985)
Sweet Safari—Scrapbooking (D1986)
Winter Penguins (D1987)
Howdy Neighbor (D1988)
Howdy Neighbour (D1988E)
Hey Hi Hello (D1989)

Hey Hi Hello


Charming Backgrounds (D1990)
Letter Tiles (D1991)

Letter Tiles


Call Dad (D1992)

Call Dad


Sweet Bouquet (D1993)
Eat Play Love—Cardmaking (D1994)
Food + Memories (D1995)
Months of the Year—January (D1996)
Months of the Year—January (D1996E)
Months of the Year—February (D1997)
Months of the Year—February (D1997E)
Months of the Year—March (D1998)
Months of the Year—March (D1998E)
Months of the Year—April (D1999)
Months of the Year—April (D1999E)
Counting My Blessings (D2008)
Be the Good (D2009)

Be the Good


Kitchen Gnomes (D2010)
Sweet Fruit (D2011)

Sweet Fruit


Daisy Meadows—Scrapbooking (D2012)
Let's Stay Home (CC3212)
The Great Indoors (CC5217)
On Repeat (CC5218)

On Repeat


Through Thick and Thin (CC7211)
Eat Play Love—Scrapbooking (D2014)
Erin's Hand (E1039)

Erin's Hand


Brushed Letters (E1041)
Months by Melissa Esplin (E1046)
Chronicle Type (E1048)
Word Art Aphabet (E1052)
Can't Get Enough (E1053)
Marquee Alphabet (E1057)
Hokey Pokey Alphabet (E1058)
Floral Alphabet (E1059)
Forever Grateful (CC7210)
School Kids Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3373)
Warmest Wishes Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3385)
Hawthorn—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3527)
Holly Jolly—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3529)
Cedar & Pine—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3535)
Some Kind of Wonderful Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3538)
Fa-Boo-lous Halloween Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3539)
Santa's Sleigh Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3540)
Paper Pal Christmas Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3541)
Celebrate Today—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3629)
Spruced Up—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3633)
Mandala Vibes Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3640)
Life in Boots Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3641)
Shared Happiness Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3642)
Paper Pal Superheroes Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3643)
I Chews You Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3644)
Air Mail by Aimee Ferre Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3645)
Country Bird Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3647)
Country Horse Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3649)
Country Pig Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3650)
New Beginnings Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3652)
Love Your Story Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3654)
Yesterday & Today—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3658)
Seas the Day—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3659)
Stitched Florals Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3698)
Seas the Day—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3701)
Mighty Oak Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3702)
Dreams Take Flight Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3703)
Fairy Tale Magic Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3704)
Let the Good Times Roll Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3705)
Unicorn Dreams Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3706)
Blossoming Friendship Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3707)
Around the Clock Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3708)
Wild and Free Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3709)
Aurora—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3711)
Aurora—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3713)
Queen Bee Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3720)
When Skies Are Grey Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3721)
Simple Florals Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3724)
From the Deep Blue Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3728)
Winged Wishes Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3734)
A Koala-ty Day Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3735)
Delicate Mandala Shapes Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3737)
Paper Pal Beach Day Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3738)
Welcome Sweet One Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3739)
Joyful Sunflower Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3740)
Gnome Matter Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3741)
Summer Vibes—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3742)
Fabulous Flamingo Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3743)
Summer Vibes—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3745)
Timber—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3749)
Timber—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3750)
Textured Leaves Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3754)
Home Sweet Home Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3755)
Woodland Friends Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3756)
Pennant Banner Alphabet Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3762)
Lovely Borders Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3763)
Florals & Flutters Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3764)
So Happy Together Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3765)
Nursery Days Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3766)
Bloom with Grace—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3770)
Comfort & Joy—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3772)
Comfort & Joy—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3773)
Teddy Bear Hugs Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3774)
With a Thankful Heart Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3775)
Musical Harmony Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3776)
Wishing You Everything Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3779)
Birthday Borders Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3780)
Garden Gnomes Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3781)
Jingle Joy—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3896)
Jingle Joy—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3897)
Elegant Snowflakes Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3899)
Merry Borders Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3900)
The Jubilee Crew (Z3901)
Gnome for Christmas Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3902)
Winter Friends Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3903)
Serenity—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3904)
Serenity—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3905)
Sweet Safari—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3913)
Sweet Safari—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3914)
Little Miss Message Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3916)
Winter Penguins Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3917)
Howdy Neighbor Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3918)
Howdy Neighbour Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3918E)
Whole Latte Love Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3919)
Call Dad Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3922)
Sweet Bouquet Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3923)
Eat Play Love—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3924)
Food + Memories Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3925)
Be the Good Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3929)
Sweet Fruit Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3930)
Kitchen Gnomes Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3931)
Daisy Meadows—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3932)
Daisy Meadows—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3933)
Spring Rabbit Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3934)
Easter Blessings Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3935)
Besties—Zoey Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3936)
Besties—Olivia Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3937)
Besties—Kelsie Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3938)
Besties—Lucy Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3939)
Eat Play Love—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z3940)
Christmas Paper Doll Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4053)
Happy Trails Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4068)
Craft On—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4069)
Into the Wild—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4071)
Flourishing Frame Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4072)
Paper Pal Sports Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4073)
Paper Pal Princess Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4075)
Beach Treasures Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4076)
Birthday Parade Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4081)
Wild & Punny Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4082)
Where Happiness Blooms Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4086)
Cross-stitch Love Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4165)
Baby Animal Doodles Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4237)
Paper Pal Base Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4265)
Paper Pal Girl Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4266)
Paper Pal Boy Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4267)

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